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Overview of kinesiology methods
certified by the OEBK (Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology)

Kinesiology training in Austria is as diverse as the interests, focal points, and experience of those who offer seminars. The ÖBK has taken it upon itself to establish quality standards for training and methods used. Many methods are internationally regulated, while others reflect the experience of kinesiologists working in the country. These standards are constantly evaluated.

The trainings, courses and seminars listed here meet these standards and are therefore recognised by the ÖBK as training paths.

The „Classical Methods“ are taught internationally.

The „Derived Methods“ offer their own training pathways, but most of them are fully or partially recognised by the ÖBK as kinesiology training.

Complementary Methods“ are kinesiological techniques or muscle testing applications which do not constitute kinesiology training in themselves, but which are considered useful additions to any training.