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The Classical Kinesiology Methods

  • Applied Kinesiology“ (AK), originally developed by the American chiropractor George Goodheart (1918-2008) and represented by the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) , is reserved in Austria for doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists due to legal regulations.

Methods that have emerged from AK and which were deliberately developed „for non‑medical practitioners“ for professional practice and general use, are referred to as the „classical“ schools. Each school has its own basic and advanced courses. The following methods are taught and applied by ÖBK members according to international standards and are considered the basis of non-medical kinesiology:

  • Touch for Health – Kinesiology of Health
  • Brain Gym® – Educational Kinesiology (Edu-Kinestetics)
  • Three in One – Psychologically-oriented kinesiology
  • Hyperton-X – Deep muscle relaxation techniques
  • Sports kinesiology – For performance enhancement and reduction of sports accidents

 Subsequently, a few methods that continue these basic concepts and that also meet international standards were added:

  • Physioenergetics – Holistic approach according to Van Assche
  • AP – Applied Physiology according to Richard Utt
  • LEAP – Learning Enhancement Advanced Program according to Dr. Charles Krebs
  • NEK – Neuroenergetic Kinesiology according to Hugo Tobar
  • SIPS – Stress Indicator Point System according to Ian Stubbings